It hurts a bit down on the ground…

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Shortest goal achievement time ever! Yeah, I’m a little ticked at myself for falling off the horse so damn quickly. One day grew into two, into 5 and so on. Yesterday I did go out with my family and play mini-golf which was fun but I didn’t complete the exercising I made a promise to myself to complete.

However, I recognize that I did fall off the horse and I am vowing to get back on again. I noticed yesterday that the bike trail was finally cleared so I am able to get outside to run again. So, in the future if I don’t want to use a P90X video I can actually bundle up and go for a run. I am noticing though that I really need to get my foot checked because the mere mini-golf playing yesterday left me limping today.

The other issue I am dealing with is whether or not to go back to the Weight Watcher meetings yet. I’m personally embarrassed that I fell so badly and while I want to go back I don’t want to step on that scale until I am sure I’m not so far off from where I was before the holidays.

As Walt Disney would say…

Keep moving forward.

Until next time….


Unplanned yet planned rest day…

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Today was supposed to be Yoga X but I really wasn’t feeling it so I thought I would substitute another yoga video I have for that one instead.  Erik opened the case and *bam* nothing. The DVD is floating around somewhere in a box I think. So, I made the conscious choice not to exercise today and do some much needed housework. While Erik put together our new bookshelf for the DVDs, I organized all the kids’ books. My brother & sister-in-law gave us boxes of books that are still in the boxes so I felt it was a good time to try to get most of them out. We switched out a bad bookshelf for a better one in the kids’ playroom which is now completely filled with chapter books for the older 2 kids. The entire series of Little House on the Prairie, many of the Boxcar Kids Books, a ton of American girl books.  Needless to say, they should not be bored for quite a while. And I must note that we still have 2-3 boxes of books still floating around down cellar with even more books.

On another, cuter note, we adopted another kitty! He was a stray they found in November. His left ear has a bit of damage they think from frostbite but oh my goodness is he a cutie. Very fluffy and quite the chatterbox…that is…when he’s not hiding in the far corner of the cellar. He does come upstairs at night to check things out so he’s adjusting. Bella is a little put off by him but I know they will get used to each other soon. She’s not searching him out to dish out pain, just sulking upstairs so she’ll get over it shortly. In the meantime I will continue to visit him down cellar during the day, bringing him up for a little adjustment each time and then snuggle with Bella as much as she’ll let me. I love both these kitties! Oh, and when we adopted him they had named him Ivan.  Not a huge fan of that so we’re still thinking of a name…

Until next time…

Day 3…Done!

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So, onto Day 3…and a very strong desire to talk myself out of one if not both DVDs…

But I didn’t…

And I’m glad I didn’t.

Though tomorrow I probably won’t be saying that or be able to move for that matter. Today was shoulders and arms, something that was still hurting from Back and Chest 2 days ago. However, once I got going the lactic acid moved out of my muscles I had good range of motion. Again, look back to my statement about tomorrow. I did note that when doing bicep exercises, I need a little bit heavier weight. Might curse myself for saying that but I wasn’t struggling on my last 3 reps.

Really didn’t want to do Ab Ripper X today since my entire lower abs are still screaming but I surprised myself and made it through. Sure not doing the exercises exactly like they were…in other words, they were doing full sit-ups, I was still doing crunches.  Why? Yeah, I can’t pull myself up to a full upright seated position yet. Not as easy as pressing a button like in airplanes. But, I am noting my adaptations and hopefully in a month or two, I will have the core strength to pull myself up like that.

I am dreading tomorrow though…no joke. Yoga X.  Tried this once before and didn’t even make it through 20 minutes. So, we’ll see what happens.

Until next time…


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So, this summer I did a boot-camp class with my personal trainer bestie, Charlene and other friends at a local school.  I thought I had, over the course of the 8 weeks, developed some strength, agility and endurance.  Well, it is all gone bye-bye…holy moly was that difficult today! Then add on top of that I am very sore in my back, chest and hip flexors from yesterday’s workout. I am blaming the rug for some of the problems I was having but I know it can’t be held accountable for all of it.  I can say that I did about 20 of the 30 seconds for each exercise; that’s 15 seconds before dissolving into a fiery mess and then forcing myself to at least finish strong. My legs are burning, my abs are burning and my arms are still dead weight off my shoulders.

I am realizing I need to get a pair of running sneakers and another pair of sneakers to wear for exercising. I also need to work on getting that HR watch I am looking at since my other one died.

Looking at the schedule…oh joy, shoulders and arms tomorrow with…you guessed it Ab Ripper X again.  All means to an end right?  PPPPPfffffffttttttt

Until next time…

Day 1 – P90X Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X

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Not a huge post but I did finish my first workout for the new year. I will be blunt and honest in saying that it sucked rocks. I know tomorrow I will be having a hard time lifting my arms to do any sort of movement and my hips will be screaming at the Plyometrics DVD I will be doing. It’s only been about 15 minutes or so and my arms are like dead weights right now.

For those who aren’t familiar with Plyometrics…it’s jumping…power jumping.  Something I have had a hard time overcoming for a while since I am always afraid I will fall. But we’ll see what happens tomorrow…I think I will need to invest in knee pads for falling…no joke.

The only thing that hurt worse than those 2 DVDs was the foam rolling I did on my legs afterward.  Tears…need I say more…

Until next time…

Welcome 2013!

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While I can’t say that 2012 was a bad year, it was filled with its share of ups and downs. My sudden diaphragm surgery, moving, letting Bear go, graduating school, getting licensed and job with the CT Sun – it’s all part of the good and bad.  But, instead of focusing on the past year I want to put out there my goals (I won’t say resolutions because that just destines me to failure which is not acceptable!) for 2013.  Is it going to be hard?  Hell yeah. Is it going to suck at times? Won’t lie, probably most of the time. Will it be worth it? I sure as hell hope so! I’m not getting any younger so this every year a new chance thing ends this year. I will make the changes even if I don’t feel up to the challenge so that next New Year’s Eve, I will be able to set a goal other than “getting in shape.” Starting with the easier of the goals…


  • Work with the CT Sun again this season, coming up with a schedule to work on a weekly basis
  • Get my letter of “deficiency” so that I can begin taking classes here in NY towards my NY LMT license
  • Look into PFT classes
  • Take my Ethics, possibly Kinesio-Taping and PNF continuing ed classes


  • Using FlyLady, as a guideline if anything, to get our house cleaned up and organized so that when we move we have less crap to sort through
  • Blog of my journey in professional, personal and health goals daily – even if it’s just a line or a scream
  • Assist my kids in getting more active during the day – happy to say this is already coming to fruition – ordered 2 dvds for them to exercise to at night and the snow is helping tremendously in this capacity as well

Health and Fitness

These goals, by far, are going to be the most trying of my patience, sanity and my need for instant gratification but also will be the biggest personal payoff.  So, with that said…these goals are for the next 90 days:

  • Following P90X schedule each day (major suckage to start!!!!)
  • Core work
  • Strength training
  • Stability/Mobility training (especially for my ankles and feet)
  • Run at least 3 times per week

As I stated before, this is going to be the biggest hurdle for me to get past. Here it is January 1 and I was so close to convincing myself starting tomorrow would be alright. Are you kidding me???? Course I can talk myself out of anything and that’s what I need to change. No more excuses. No more rationalizations. If the DVD is too hard then I just have to scale it back to something I can do and still do it. I can feel my gut churning on this whole topic.

Races for 2013

I have a big goal race in mind for October 2013 but I have looked into other races to do during the year. Why? Cuz they’re fun.  At least 3 of them aren’t even timed but it’s being there that’s fun. I’ll update these as I register for them and dates get confirmed.

  1. Sandy Hook 5k 3/23 – Hartford
  2. Color Me Rad 5k (untimed) 4/27 – Hartford
  3. Red Dress Run 5k 7/6 – Hartford (absolute since this is my anniversary run)
  4. Run for Your Lives 7/2013 – Boston (want to do this one as a zombie)
  5. Electric Run 5k (untimed) – NYC (July) or Boston (unknown)
  6. Color Me Rad 5k (untimed) 9/21 – Albany (doing this one with all my kids)
  7. Rugged Maniac 9/28-9/29 Southwick, MA or 6/29 NYC
  8. Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon 13.1 10/13 – Schenectady

There might be more added as the year progresses but the one I am gearing up for is the Half Marathon. I have a running plan to start June/July so all the things I’m doing now will play into that running plan.

The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible.  That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Until next time…

The time has come…

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Last October (2011), Erik retired from the military and began a job which was going to relocate us to New York.  I was excited, a bit nervous, for this new expedition.  Plenty of time to do what I need to and get ready and all that goes along with relocating.  Yeah…plenty of time.

Guess what?  Time is up…next Friday, August 31st, we will be moving out of the house we have lived in for almost 5 years and start a new adventure in Niskayuna New York.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Yeah, if you take all the personal stuff out of it.  I love the fact that I will be with Erik everyday, or close to it since I still am working for the Sun in CT.  But, I’m moving away from everything I’ve known, close friends, best friends, comfort, stability, normalcy.  It truly hit me last night at our last bootcamp class that this is the last time I will be working out with these awesome ladies on a regular basis at the very least.  I know I need to look to the positive, being with my husband, sending the kids to a better school district, the ability to start fresh, and work towards my New York MT License.  It’s very hard to see past the hurt and sadness at times though.  I cried with Charlene last night because this is the last weekend we will be spending together as roomies for a while.  We’ve been roommates for almost 10 months now and she has helped me through the hard times while Erik has been away for his job.  This weekend there are going to be a lot of laughing, and an equal amount of tears.  I’ve loved this house we’ve lived in but the universe is saying it’s time to move on in our travels.  I just wish moving on didn’t hurt so much…