It hurts a bit down on the ground…

Shortest goal achievement time ever! Yeah, I’m a little ticked at myself for falling off the horse so damn quickly. One day grew into two, into 5 and so on. Yesterday I did go out with my family and play mini-golf which was fun but I didn’t complete the exercising I made a promise to myself to complete.

However, I recognize that I did fall off the horse and I am vowing to get back on again. I noticed yesterday that the bike trail was finally cleared so I am able to get outside to run again. So, in the future if I don’t want to use a P90X video I can actually bundle up and go for a run. I am noticing though that I really need to get my foot checked because the mere mini-golf playing yesterday left me limping today.

The other issue I am dealing with is whether or not to go back to the Weight Watcher meetings yet. I’m personally embarrassed that I fell so badly and while I want to go back I don’t want to step on that scale until I am sure I’m not so far off from where I was before the holidays.

As Walt Disney would say…

Keep moving forward.

Until next time….


~ by jniemi99 on January 6, 2013.

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