The time has come…

Last October (2011), Erik retired from the military and began a job which was going to relocate us to New York.  I was excited, a bit nervous, for this new expedition.  Plenty of time to do what I need to and get ready and all that goes along with relocating.  Yeah…plenty of time.

Guess what?  Time is up…next Friday, August 31st, we will be moving out of the house we have lived in for almost 5 years and start a new adventure in Niskayuna New York.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Yeah, if you take all the personal stuff out of it.  I love the fact that I will be with Erik everyday, or close to it since I still am working for the Sun in CT.  But, I’m moving away from everything I’ve known, close friends, best friends, comfort, stability, normalcy.  It truly hit me last night at our last bootcamp class that this is the last time I will be working out with these awesome ladies on a regular basis at the very least.  I know I need to look to the positive, being with my husband, sending the kids to a better school district, the ability to start fresh, and work towards my New York MT License.  It’s very hard to see past the hurt and sadness at times though.  I cried with Charlene last night because this is the last weekend we will be spending together as roomies for a while.  We’ve been roommates for almost 10 months now and she has helped me through the hard times while Erik has been away for his job.  This weekend there are going to be a lot of laughing, and an equal amount of tears.  I’ve loved this house we’ve lived in but the universe is saying it’s time to move on in our travels.  I just wish moving on didn’t hurt so much…


~ by jniemi99 on August 23, 2012.

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