So, this summer I did a boot-camp class with my personal trainer bestie, Charlene and other friends at a local school.  I thought I had, over the course of the 8 weeks, developed some strength, agility and endurance.  Well, it is all gone bye-bye…holy moly was that difficult today! Then add on top of that I am very sore in my back, chest and hip flexors from yesterday’s workout. I am blaming the rug for some of the problems I was having but I know it can’t be held accountable for all of it.  I can say that I did about 20 of the 30 seconds for each exercise; that’s 15 seconds before dissolving into a fiery mess and then forcing myself to at least finish strong. My legs are burning, my abs are burning and my arms are still dead weight off my shoulders.

I am realizing I need to get a pair of running sneakers and another pair of sneakers to wear for exercising. I also need to work on getting that HR watch I am looking at since my other one died.

Looking at the schedule…oh joy, shoulders and arms tomorrow with…you guessed it Ab Ripper X again.  All means to an end right?  PPPPPfffffffttttttt

Until next time…


~ by jniemi99 on January 2, 2013.

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