Growth through down time

Nothing stinks worse than not being able to be involved in your household.  The past week required an enormous amount of patience and forgiveness on my part and this week will be no different.  Something as simple as doing laundry is just out of my reach.  Why would I want to do laundry?  At the most basic level, it’s my right as a mom to do the laundry.  And once it’s taken away suddenly I feel I have to be able to do it.  Happens with anything though; eating chocolate on a diet…tell me no and suddenly that’s all you can think about…chocolate.

I got out of the hospital a lot earlier than expected; Friday rather than Sunday.  Being a week later, I am so happy I am over that painful hump.  Getting up and down were brutal!  I couldn’t get out of bed without help.  So, anytime I had to use the bathroom everyone knew about it.  No, it’s not a huge deal that I have to pee but come on, really? I have to ask for help to get up now??  Good thing I’m past that and moving forward.

So, moving forward, what are my new goals for the year?  Well, I need to speak with my personal trainer Charlene to make some realistic yet challenging goals for myself.  I want to get out and RUN!  But, I can’t push myself too hard and risk setting back my health.

1. I will to lose another 40 pounds
2. I will complete the Red Dress Run in under 35 minutes (I will be hopefully running the O’Hartford in March but that is my return run with no time limit, just to enjoy getting back on the horse)
3.  I will complete at least 3 races this year
4. I will train for a half marathon

I will adjust these as I need to depending on what Charlene suggests and what my doctor says this Thursday….

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~CS Lewis


~ by jniemi99 on February 12, 2012.

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