Unplanned yet planned rest day…

Today was supposed to be Yoga X but I really wasn’t feeling it so I thought I would substitute another yoga video I have for that one instead.  Erik opened the case and *bam* nothing. The DVD is floating around somewhere in a box I think. So, I made the conscious choice not to exercise today and do some much needed housework. While Erik put together our new bookshelf for the DVDs, I organized all the kids’ books. My brother & sister-in-law gave us boxes of books that are still in the boxes so I felt it was a good time to try to get most of them out. We switched out a bad bookshelf for a better one in the kids’ playroom which is now completely filled with chapter books for the older 2 kids. The entire series of Little House on the Prairie, many of the Boxcar Kids Books, a ton of American girl books.  Needless to say, they should not be bored for quite a while. And I must note that we still have 2-3 boxes of books still floating around down cellar with even more books.

On another, cuter note, we adopted another kitty! He was a stray they found in November. His left ear has a bit of damage they think from frostbite but oh my goodness is he a cutie. Very fluffy and quite the chatterbox…that is…when he’s not hiding in the far corner of the cellar. He does come upstairs at night to check things out so he’s adjusting. Bella is a little put off by him but I know they will get used to each other soon. She’s not searching him out to dish out pain, just sulking upstairs so she’ll get over it shortly. In the meantime I will continue to visit him down cellar during the day, bringing him up for a little adjustment each time and then snuggle with Bella as much as she’ll let me. I love both these kitties! Oh, and when we adopted him they had named him Ivan.  Not a huge fan of that so we’re still thinking of a name…

Until next time…


~ by jniemi99 on January 4, 2013.

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