Day 1 – P90X Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X

Not a huge post but I did finish my first workout for the new year. I will be blunt and honest in saying that it sucked rocks. I know tomorrow I will be having a hard time lifting my arms to do any sort of movement and my hips will be screaming at the Plyometrics DVD I will be doing. It’s only been about 15 minutes or so and my arms are like dead weights right now.

For those who aren’t familiar with Plyometrics…it’s jumping…power jumping.  Something I have had a hard time overcoming for a while since I am always afraid I will fall. But we’ll see what happens tomorrow…I think I will need to invest in knee pads for falling…no joke.

The only thing that hurt worse than those 2 DVDs was the foam rolling I did on my legs afterward.  Tears…need I say more…

Until next time…


~ by jniemi99 on January 1, 2013.

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