I see your plan and I raise you a wrench!

Things were just beginning to smooth out; the kids are doing well with Erik gone part of the week, we had a routine, I am about to head back to school, graduate, get a job, move to NY, it’s all good right?  Yeah, enter said wrench into the plans.  What started out as a small breathing issue wound up turning into a trip to the ER and a diagnosis of a hiatal hernia.  Are you CRAZY?  I don’t have time for this let alone for an operation!  The world isn’t going to pause while I take care of this but someone is telling me I need to slow down.  I didn’t think I was out of control and doing more than I should.  At the hospital, I was more pissed off that I was messing with Charlene and Erik’s schedule more than what was wrong with me.

So, needless to say, this little hiccup in my “plan” whether I like it or not is something I will have to deal with.  Reading up on hiatal hernias, the best treatment is weight loss.  Ironically, this has happened when I have hit my lowest weight in over a year.  But, I’m going to keep at it.  Big IF though…IF I listen to my inner voice and stop doing whatever it is I’m doing when she tells me. 

And the saga continues….


~ by jniemi99 on January 12, 2012.

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