2012 is coming…ready or not…

Today I went out for a run with Charlene at Mansfield Hollow.  It was the first time running since the Blue Back Mitten Run.  I surprised myself yet again and didn’t walk much at all, didn’t feel too much discomfort with the exception of my throat hurting from the cold.  It was invigorating and energizing to run again.  I’ve missed it since Erik was away the past 2 weeks.

So, what are my goals for this new year coming up?  For one, I want to make a Bucket List of things I want to accomplish, see, experience, etc.  So, for now, I will write my running goals for 2012.  I want to run the O’Hartford (March), Red Dress Run (July), ING (October), and the Blue Back Mitten Run (December).  In between those, I want to run a half-marathon in April and a full marathon in October (that may be the ING but we’ll see how training goes).  I was invited to run a half marathon in NYC in April which while I’m not sure if we’ll be doing it, I plan on training as if I am going to run it.

I am looking into going vegetarian for a while as well as taking a photograph a day.  Not sure if I can go completely without meat but I’d like to try if only for 30 days to start.  It may be something I can do off and on while training.  Still haven’t worked out the kinks yet but it’s in the back of my mind.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy, happy New Year!


~ by jniemi99 on December 27, 2011.

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