Momentum building…

For some reason over the summer I just crapped out on exercising.  Sure, I would go running with the group on Sundays but other than that…nada.  While it aggravates me that I did that, I need to look forward rather than backward.  Fast forward to this past week.  Went to the track on Monday and did sprints.  Wow, did those hurt.  For about 2 days extreme hurt and discomfort.  Thursday, workout to get back into things with Charlene.  Friday, a last minute TRX workout.  Today, a 3 mile run at Lebanon Green.  While I am sore, especially from the upper body workout from the TRX last night I have realized a couple things.

One, if I want to lose weight and get in better shape no one is going to do it for me.  It’s up to me to put forth the effort.  Two, I need to kick this exercise regime into high gear.  I need to work out daily.  I need to stop the excuses and just do it.  Three, I need to cut back on the carbs like potatoes, rice, etc and add more protein and fruit.  I am drawn to carbs like a fly to poop but with all the carbs I eat I erase a bit of the workout I have done that day.  So, I need to get tough with myself, not give myself too much slack and JUST DO IT!

Since the kids are in all-day school now, I have created a weekly schedule for myself to help me not feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.  Each thing that is necessary is already in there; getting the kids ready for school, my classes, eating, driving, etc.  But another necessity I added was working out.  2 hours each day to either run, P90X, resistance, whatever, it’s in there.  I have plenty of empty time to fill in with other things like chores, studying, etc or unexpected things that will inevitably pop up, but the time is allotted so there is no excuse.

I feel more positive than I have in a long time and I will accomplish what I need to get myself healthier and in better shape.  I haven’t given up my goal of a half-marathon early next year and I have told Lexie I will run a half next year with her.  I will do it!


~ by jniemi99 on September 10, 2011.

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