Starting again…

I have to admit, I didn’t accomplish all the goals I had set for myself this summer.  As a matter of fact, I used anything and everything as an excuse NOT to workout.  But, as time has progressed, I haven’t liked what I’ve become because it’s the same old, fat me.  And I have resolved to shed that person so that I like who I am and my kids can be proud of me.

So, now that my kids are heading back to school full time, I am going to make the time each day to exercise. I have no excuses not to do the right thing for me now.  Sure, I’m heading back for my 4th semester next Monday but I still have time each day to do something to progress my exercise goals.  I tentatively have a half-marathon picked out up in VT the beginning of May I would like to run.  In the condition I’m in right now it would never happen so it’s up to me to do it.  So I shall… 


~ by jniemi99 on September 5, 2011.

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