my schedule of races…updated August 2011

3/20 Max’s O’Hartford – 43:34
5/1 Community 5k Run for Autism
7/9 Red Dress Run for Women – 42:35
10/15 ING Hartford Marathon/5k – iffy now since I was under the impression it was the week prior and Erik’s retirement is on this day which is far more important….
10/30 Superhero 5-K Run/Walk – at this race I want to wear a Harley Quinn costume
11/24 Manchester road race 4.748 miles
12/4 Blue Back Mitten Run

As much as I hate running in the extreme temperatures, I really have to train and suck it up so to speak so my training doesn’t suffer.  There is only a couple times during the year where the weather is perfect for running and I’ll be damned if I let something like that dictate when I run.

Couple things need to happen in order for these races to happen.  First I need better supportive sneakers, a much slimmer physique, tougher determination, stronger core muscles and the drive to do this and finish.


~ by jniemi99 on August 25, 2011.

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