Found this post on Go Tribal…

I wrote this post June 3, 2010 on the Go Tribal website…I re-read it and thought it was an interesting perspective of where my head was at last year.  And this was before my first 5k…enjoy!

So, I was mulling over getting gastric bypass surgery to reduce my weight. However, with each appointment, road blocks kept coming up and I got the feeling that this avenue was not the right one for me. I took the first step in regaining myself by joining Weight Watchers April 15th. I have a ridiculous number of points and there are some days it’s a struggle to get close to using them all. But in order to lose the weight, I knew I needed to incorporate exercise…that blasted dirty word! At least that was what I thought until the results began to show… I try to walk at least 2 miles at the track each day. Some days I can’t because of the weather but I do make an effort to go; lugging my 4 children to play in the middle of the track while I walk. Most of the time it works but they’re kids so there are the temper tantrums, the tiredness, etc that might cut my walks short. But then Charlene invited me to Mansfield Hollow for some cross-training. Let hell begin… Short sprints, trail runs, stair climbing. My legs were screaming at me all throughout the workout. I was complaining almost the entire time and she was calm. Two days after this workout I was unable to move without immense pain. She said it was DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness). What do I do? I ask her when she’s going again. Did I really just say that???? Yes, I was hooked. As much as my legs screamed at me and how sore my body was, I was craving to run again. Could I get better from the week prior and run just a little farther? Only one way to find out… Went the next week (this past Sunday) and I did make progress from the previous week. I ran longer and actually sprinted at one point. I surprised myself. Charlene wanted me to work on pacing myself so I don’t tire out quickly and stop. I did it! Still having issues with my shins hurting but it is slowly getting better. Then I noticed something… After getting home from the 2 hour workout, I noticed my cheapie sneakers had a huge crack right across it so I needed to get new sneakers. The next day I went and got a nice pair of New Balance with the inserts to help my arches. I told myself I was going to start the Couch to 5k program that day since I got new sneakers. Yeah, not the best plan for me. I did Week 1 workout but since my body hadn’t recovered from yesterday’s beat-fest, my shins were once again screaming at me. I finished the workout and did a long stretch. I took Tuesday off from walking/working out and just rested my body. This morning I felt good enough that I did a 3.1 mile walk around the neighborhood. Tomorrow after my meeting I’ll do Day 2 of Week 1 of C25k. Why am I doing this?…. I signed up for my first ever 5k!!!! The Red Dress Run in Hartford, July 10th. Now, there are women who running or walking but I really want to make an effort to run it all. I have my goals and that involves running 5-10ks in the next year building up to a half-marathon in the fall of 2011. I want to do a Tri in 2012 and ultimately I want to get to the Iron Man Tri in Kona. I may not finish first or even in the top 100 but I want to compete and finish. Big aspirations I know but without goals I wouldn’t know where I was heading. So, 13 pounds down so far in 5 weeks with much more weight to lose. I am breaking that down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Next goal is to hit 15 then 20, then my 10%. I can’t wait until next year at this time when I look back on my journey and see how far I’ve come. Until then…


~ by jniemi99 on August 18, 2011.

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