Summer almost over already????

I thought I had written in August but alas, the summer has taken control of me and I wanted to be doing other things than write in a blog I guess.  Oh well…the school year is just around the corner so I will be back to the school routine for the kids (and myself) with time during the day to update this blog more often.

Last night Charlene came over to measure me.  The first time I’m being measured since I embarked on this journey to a marathon.  However, the numbers I give are based on from the very first time Charlene measured me back in April 2010.  I’m only giving changes in my numbers to keep some things private.  I am not ready to share those numbers with everyone just yet.  đŸ™‚

  • Neck -.75
  • Bicep -2.25
  • Chest -1.50
  • Waist -3.75
  • Hips -5.00
  • Abs +1.75 *
  • Thigh 0.00
  • Calf -1.00

*Charlene changed where she was measuring on me so that accounts for the positive

Without including the positive number, I have lost a total of 14.25 inches since April of 2010.  Now, at first I was confused as to why I didn’t lose any inches on my thigh but after thinking about it, a lot of the flab has changed to muscle.  So, while the number might not have changed, the make-up of my leg has (at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself to keep me on the right track).

I’ve lost (and gained and lost again) a total of 30.4 pounds since last April as well; 20 pounds since beginning my training with Charlene.  Numbers aren’t anything to sneeze at though I could pick myself apart about each one.  Summer is difficult because I am tending to the kids and, for this summer at least, I am going to school at the same time.  Once the kids head back to school I will be able to devote time during the day to exercise (and my studies) without having to stop every few minutes to separate the kids.  Yes, they are always going to be in my life and I do need to work around that but during the summer with no schedule, they are a bit more rowdy than usual.  It’s all a learning process for me as well as everyone around me.

While the numbers are encouraging, I do need to come up with a better plan so I can reach my goals that I have set.  Right now, I feel like I’m a little too “go with the flow” in regards to this plan.  I really need to buckle down on my eating and make that time to exercise, not just when I work-out with Charlene.  But again, it’s a learning process which I am learning…just wish the curve was faster than it is right now!


~ by jniemi99 on August 9, 2011.

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