So, here it is, 4 days post race and my legs are still crap.  What the hell is this????  It is so damn irritating that I train and work hard to run in a race only to fall behind because of flippin injuries.  No longer is it my gastrocs that bother me but my posterior tibialis.  And this hurts worse than my gastrocs ever did!  So I move forward 3 steps only to get pushed back 4.  I am giving myself one more rest day then it’s back on the elliptical.  I can’t let myself get behind if I plan on running the 10k at the end of August.  I will continue to do my strengthening exercises but now I have to scale back my running until the inflammation clears up.  I’m so damn tire of one injury after another!

Ok, rant over…back to your regularly scheduled program…


~ by jniemi99 on July 13, 2011.

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