A big milestone tonight

My training has been progressing steadily.  I’ve gone from 30 minutes on the elliptical to 2 miles and now 2.5 miles.  It hasn’t been easy at all though.  Last week, a close friend of the family passed away which completely threw off my week.  Life happens.  Everyone knew the time was coming for her to go Home, it was just a matter of when. It’s a new week with it’s own challenges and I need to start working through those challenges to keep on track.

Monday I worked out with Charlene for a mere 15 minutes but it was the longest 15 minutes of my life.  Squats with kettlebell raises for 30 seconds followed by running up and down a hill.  Repeat 2 more times.  Then push-ups for 30 seconds again followed by running up and down a hill.  Repeat 2 times.  The very first time I tried to run up the hill my quads literally said, “Do it and I’ll stop working.” I did manage to run up once I began the push-ups.  But this morning?  Both my legs weighed about 100 pounds each.  I told Charlene I would do my 2.5 miles on the elliptical today in addition to bootcamp tonight.  With an enormous amount of disdain from my quads, I began my morning routine….

Yeah…that didn’t go so well.  I kept stopping to stretch or just to catch my breath.  After 2.2 miles, my legs once again said, “Continue and perish.”  I heeded my legs warnings and stopped.  I was really dreading going to bootcamp tonight because my legs were so unstable and John is a big fan of squats.  A phone call from Charlene before I left for bootcamp really had me worried.  John asked her about my jumping and she said, she’s up for it, go ahead and put it in there if you want.  Ummmmm…what????  And that’s exactly what he did.

At first I feared that we would be jumping over something but I was saved…a little.  Flip the tire and then jump on it.  Repeat for one minute.  With all eyes looking at me, John says, “Ok, Jen, let’s see it.”  Talk about being put on the spot.  I did it!  Yes, I jumped both feet at once onto the tire.  YEAH!  I was able to do it for only 30 seconds before my legs began to shake and I became unsure I would safely jump up.  Tonight’s workout was brutal; it truly pushed me to the very edge of exhaustion.  I felt very satisfied once the class was over because I tried my hardest and busted my ass to finish the exercises.

I’m making progress.  To me, it’s not showing on the outside; a picture my sister took of me this weekend showed me that all too well but it’s working on the inside.  My core is stronger, my legs are stronger and more stable, and my pace is evening out.  Soon, very soon, the changes should become apparent on the outside.  I look forward to that day.


~ by jniemi99 on June 1, 2011.

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