Looking beyond what I see…


 So I am trying to justify how I look so much different between Heather’s First Communion last year to Zach’s First Communion this year.  Sure, I probably should have worn the same clothes but last year I donated all the clothes thinking I would be far thinner than I actually am at this point. But, these pictures serve not only to show the changes in me but, more importantly, how much the kids have changed in just a year’s time!  Not only have they changed physically but emotionally and psychologically too.  Last year they seemed very to themselves, not looking too much at the camera. This year, their personalities really came out and they are speaking for themselves.


But, back to my comparisons…over at Charlene’s yesterday she took a picture of me to compare against my photo at my first 5k, The Red Dress Run in July.  Yes, I could see little differences but I managed, in my head, to explain them away.  The camera angle is different, one was more close up than the other, etc.  Not to mention, wearing a tank top looks different than a shirt.
Yeah, I know that’s reaching but hey, this is the way I think about me.  It’s very hard to see the little changes as big deals when they were never usually celebrated as big deals.  Even today, Charlene wanted me to celebrate the fact that I’m not sore after running yesterday and she’s right, I should.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Because it’s not a huge thing, it’s just part of the entire package.  Now, when I cross that finish line in October, then I’ll celebrate.  But why not celebrate the little things?  Aren’t they the things that make the end celebration that much more spectacular? 

We, as parents, celebrate every accomplishment that our children makes but we don’t celebrate our own?  Well, we need to.  Ok, *I* need to do that more often.  For me.  I need to understand running for 31 straight minutes is a huge change from barely making it 5 minutes before having to walk 15 minutes recuperating.  It doesn’t require a huge blow-out party each and every time, that would get old fast but an acknowledgment of the accomplishment and writing it down somewhere so in my less than stellar moments I can refer back to them wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Tomorrow I start on my 3rd semester of school.  It’s going to be tougher than most because there are 2 science classes for the full semester, not half.  Working in my training along with school and the studying, homework, etc, that entails will be a challenge.  It won’t be impossible but tweaking will be a very big part of it.  After these past 2 weeks, though, I think I am up to the challenge.


~ by jniemi99 on May 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Looking beyond what I see…”

  1. Glad to see a new blog post on here!!!!! And glad to know you're tackling that little voice in your head that's cutting you down. When you work on looking at things in the perspective of positives rather than negatives, you'll be surprised to notice that the positives eventually multiply. It's kindacrazy how that happens, but it's awesome.

  2. I think that you possess all the answers you need to know.Practice saying them outloud.Writing them down ( as you have done here) is great ! You have showed me quite clearly how many things you already know.You are a very smart woman, Jen.

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