Different when you have to account to someone

So, after I got my week 2 routine, Charlene asked me to track my eating for 3 days as well as how long it took me to do my other exercises besides cardio.  So this morning I was going to get to it and write it down for her.  Suddenly, however, I became more aware of what I was putting into my mouth and started making better choices.  Sure, Weight Watchers teaches you that and I learned a great deal from them but it’s so much different when someone ELSE is going to look over your diet.  I know my weight loss will pick up once I get my eating straightened out.

For example, one of my favorite snacks is a plain toasted bagel (7 points) and a thin spread of all-natural peanut butter (5 points for 2 tbsp), the kind that comes separated.  So, for a “little snack” that is almost half of my day’s points!  So, I cut that all in half, eating half a bagel until I can get to the store to buy bagel thins, and 1 tbsp for 5 points.  I still get my peanut butter fix but not at such a high price.  I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of switching around once Charlene has analyzed my diet.  I know I need to eat more fresh fruit and veggies.  I really want to start making salad with chicken on it for lunches but I can never eat the lettuce fast enough before it browns!

My weight training is taken care of by Bootcamp tonight so I just need to do my stretching, rolling and strengthening exercise.

I’m feeling better about myself now.  Doing more and feeling more energetic.  I don’t know if it’s the exercising or the weather…maybe it’s a bit of both.  Either way, I love the way I’m feeling and plan on taken full advantage of it!


~ by jniemi99 on May 10, 2011.

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