Foam rolling and pain

So, yesterday I was shown the proper way to foam roll my leg muscles to work out all the adhesions that have built up from exercising.  Can I just say OW!? Sure, your muscles might hurt after exercising but that’s nothing compared to rolling it out.  The pain is a hundred times worse.  Don’t get me wrong, once I stopped rolling, the muscles felt better but while it was happening I think my body was heading into shock from the pain.  My leg actually went numb it was in so much pain.  Any idea how much fatigue is stored in your glutes (buttocks)???  One way of using the foam roller felt really nice though; lie on your back on it facing vertically so it’s going down your spine.  Wow, I could feel the fatigue in my pec muscles just dissipating.  I need to invest in a longer roller so I can actually rest my head on it and just decompress.

I got my first week’s workout from my trainer, Charlene.  She is also my best friend but in this situation, we want it clear she is the trainer and I respect that.  In addition to cardio, I have core exercises, stretches, weight training, and strengthening exercises for my ankles.  I am not taking this lightly at all; yesterday my son had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and I was actually upset I wasn’t going to get my cardio done in the morning.  So, once my youngest got off the bus, I made the time.  It did help that Erik was there to keep Luc entertained.

I am slowing down on my eating, making better choices but the niggling is still there to have no-no foods.  I do try to justify having them but in the end, my logic wins out and I walk away from the temptation.  Not only am I trying to train for a marathon, my husband is retiring in October and I’ll be damned if I look like I do now and have to stand up in front of people.  I would be horrified!  I want to look the best I can for him on his day.  I just have to continue to keep his retirement in the forefront of my mind so I can continue to make the healthier choice food-wise.


~ by jniemi99 on May 6, 2011.

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