Time line for training

So, it’s 24 weeks till the Hartford ING marathon/half-marathon.  The training schedule I was planning on using, as long as it checks out with Charlene and Kim, would start in July for 14 weeks.  I have exercises right now to strengthen my ankles, feet, and calves since they are weak and tend to injure easily. As I progress, so will the build-up exercises so when it comes time to begin the really regimented schedule, I will be ready physically and mentally.

Right now I’m nursing an injury from running on Saturday.  Not because of the run but because I then spent the next 2 days either driving in the car or sitting in a hospital room holding my aunt’s hand.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with doing that, it just took a toll on my legs.  So, I’m icing them and will work them out a bit on the elliptical tomorrow to get the muscles moving again.  I almost wish we were in our 4th semester of school since that is when we’ll be learning sports massage which is what I want to do once licensed.  But, I have a lot of knowledgeable people in my corner so I think I will be alright.


~ by jniemi99 on May 2, 2011.

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